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Outpost Bangalore is part of a network of over 50 Outposts worldwide and is staffed entirely by Shell partners.  Outpost offers unique practical support, complimentary to Shell terms and conditions, to help expatriate employees, their partners and families with the challenges of global mobility.  

Outpost Bangalore is here to help with your relocation whether you are moving to or from India.  Our aim is to assist in a smooth transfer to a new location by providing first hand information on a wide range of subjects such as housing, schools, health-care, domestic help and so on.  The Outpost team members have lived in different locations around the world, and understand the many challenges faced when starting a new posting. 

Please contact Outpost Bangalore if you have any queries.  Or ask for a copy of our Inside Guide which gives more detailed information about living in Bangalore.


The Outpost Bangalore Team:

Christina Goudswaard (Focal Point)

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Outpost Bangalore

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